Coaches: How to Easily Generate Blog Ideas and Social Media Content

Today I’m talking about something that MOST coaches have a LOT of trouble with: Generating new content – and consistently getting it out to their audience – their clients, prospects and followers.

So many of the coaches I know are not getting this done.

I often hear things like, “I can’t think up any fresh ideas for my blog and social media posts,” or, “Generating new content takes me so much time and energy that I just end up blowing it off!”

If you struggle with getting this done, this short blog is for YOU: I’ll give you One Weird Exercise that’ll generate tons of fresh ideas – even if you don’t think you have anything new to say.

PLUS, to help you identify where you can be more focused to grow and scale your business CLICK HERE to take my 2-minute quiz, the “Solopreneur Scatteredness Survey.”

But first, let’s put a finer point on the importance of consistent outbound content (might seem...

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Coaches: The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Killer Lead Magnet (or a Better One) – and 3 Tips to Create or Improve Yours!

Today we are going to discuss the single, most, important, thing on your website. It’s your freemium, aka, your lead magnet. That value bomb you give to prospects for free in exchange for their email address.
If you don’t have one – and I’m not talking about your newsletter – or, if you have one but it’s not vacuuming up new leads every single day, this article is for YOU!!
The reason I wanted to do this article today is because so many of the coaches I know – and whom I coach on business-building and productivity – they KNOW this is important to their business, but often don’t know just HOW important it is.
And too often I hear things like, “Ya, I know I hafta get a freemium on the site, but I just haven’t gotten around to finishing it” or “Ya, I’ve got one but it’s kinda buried at the bottom of my home page,” or “Hey – I have a free newsletter,...

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A Coach’s Checklist of the 10 Keys to Focus and Growth

Totally overwhelmed and scattered in running and trying to scale your businesses?

Many of the coaches I know – and whom I coach on business-building and productivity -- feel totally overwhelmed and scattered in running and trying to scale their businesses.

I so often hear things like, “It’s hard to do all the stuff I need to be doing -- tech, branding, social media, etc.” Or, “I want to get to six figures, but I can't work fast enough to do it all! And I need to bring back balance to my life.”

It’s critical that we have a sense of how focused vs scattered we are in our business, and which keys we’re doing best and worst on, so we know where to focus more of our energies.

So, if you’re a “doing-it-all-yourself coach,” this list of 10 Keys is for YOU!!

• • •

The 10 Keys to Focus and Growth

Key #1 Have a killer lead magnet.

To be a laser-focused coach poised for growth, you’ll...

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