3 Evidence-Based Hacks to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed by Your Business

Last week I wrote about the reasons so many of us coaches are feeling overwhelmed in running our businesses. Are you among the overwhelmed?

See if you can identify with this scenario...

You turn on your computer to craft an important email, and when you open your emails, there are 45 new emails. You figure, well, let me answer a few of these – just the most urgent ones – and then I’ll get to writing that important email.

And 45 minutes later, you’re still dealing with your inbox and you don’t even remember what email you were supposed to be writing!


You’re not crazy, lazy, or lousy at what you do…

You’re just overwhelmed.

Tim Ferriss says, “Being overwhelmed is as unproductive as doing nothing.” Actually, it’s way worse.

When we’re overwhelmed, we’re jacked up on cortisol, which hobbles us in the present, drains us for the balance of our day, and damages our neurons for the future. It results in a...

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The 5 Reasons We Feel Overwhelmed in Our Coaching Business

The reason I wanted to do this short blog is because so many of the coaches I know – and whom I coach on business-building and productivity – feel totally overwhelmed.

I often hear things like, “I want to get to six figures, but I can't work fast enough to do it all, and I’m trying to bring some balance to my life!”

Or, “It’s hard to do all the stuff I need to be doing – website updates, blogging, social media, etc. I. Am. Slammed!”

So how is it so many of us got into this state of overwhelm?

Here are the 5 Reasons We Feel Overwhelmed in Running Our Business. The better we understand these, the better we’re able to battle back and feel more in control.

#1 Your Brain is Outgunned:

Our brains are set up basically the way they were 200,000 years ago when the information intake on a given day was the equivalent of a few kilobytes.

Today we’re carrying devices in our hands that have more computing power than the...

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Your Brain is an Outlaw! Here’s How to Control It and Get More Done

Today I’m talking about why it’s so hard to get all our work done! Why our brain doesn’t do what we want it to do!

Short answer: because our brain’s an outlaw!

If you struggle to stay on task, to consistently move your key projects forward, you are not alone and this is for you!

So many of the coaches I know, and whom I coach on business-building and productivity, feel like they’re in a constant battle with their brain, their energy, willpower, etc.

I often hear things like, “There’s so much work! My brain can’t keep up with it all. Social media, emails, and I’m losing business as a result.”

This is why I’m sharing insights into your outlaw brain that can help you reform it, even if you’re totally scattered and overwhelmed!

Plus, get my free video, “5 Mental Performance Secrets I Wish I Knew as a Struggling Executive,” in the link at the end of this blog.

Your brain wants to do the easy tasks.


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5 Mistakes Coaches Make On Their Homepage

Let’s talk about your website’s home page.

If you’re a coach, and you have a website – even a fabulous, gorgeous website -- then this is for YOU!!

The reason I wrote this quick blog is because so many coaches’ websites have glaring mistakes – particularly on the home page, and particularly in that special piece of real estate known as, “above-the-fold.” (The area you see when you first land on the page, before you scroll down to see more.)

And as someone who’s spent 20-some years in the advertising biz, I’m a bit of a critic when it comes to websites. But that’s good news for YOU!

Because I’ll share with you 5 Common Mistakes Coaches Make on Their Home Page. Some of which are downright gag-inducing (though all are fairly easily fixable).

[PLUS, further below you can grab my complimentary checklist: The TEN Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make on Their Homepage. It’s likely you’re making one or more of these...

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How to Have More Mental Energy

Today I’m talking about energy. Having more of it. So you can be more focused for longer – and do more of the things that build your business!

If you wish you had more energy across your day, this is for YOU.

So many coaches I know – and whom I coach on business-building and productivity – feel like they only get a handful of fully energized hours in a given day. If even that.

And as I often say…

Energy management is more important than time management. Because no matter how well you manage your time, if you have little energy, you’ll get little done.” -APB

…particularly when it comes to the energy-intensive work of business building: writing, creating new revenue streams, consistent follow-up, consistent marketing, etc.

So today I’ll share some of the hidden energy vampires that can undercut our daily productivity – thereby hobbling our business-building.

AND, I’ll share a few quick-win energy savers that...

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Coaches: How to Have More Time in Your Day – Every Day

“Much of our time is getting sucked away by preventable wastes of our time and energy. Emphasis on preventable.” - Alan P. Brown

If you work your butt off, but at the end of the day, wonder, What the heck did I actually get DONE today? This is for YOU.

The challenge is to name them, identify what causes or prompts them – “Why am I doing it”? – and then make a change in our environment, mindset or actions that patches that leak.

I recently did a Facebook Live on this topic, and wanted to share it here as well, because so many of the coaches I know complain that the important projects they know would help their business are just not getting DONE!

One coach recently told me, “I’m white-knuckling it all day!”

And even if things aren’t quite that bad for you, just wasting 12 minutes a day amounts to a FULL WORKWEEK every year. Think about THAT. (And I’ll show you the math on that in a moment.)

So here I’ll share some...

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Coaches: How to Easily Generate Blog Ideas and Social Media Content

Today I’m talking about something that MOST coaches have a LOT of trouble with: Generating new content – and consistently getting it out to their audience – their clients, prospects and followers.

So many of the coaches I know are not getting this done.

I often hear things like, “I can’t think up any fresh ideas for my blog and social media posts,” or, “Generating new content takes me so much time and energy that I just end up blowing it off!”

If you struggle with getting this done, this short blog is for YOU: I’ll give you One Weird Exercise that’ll generate tons of fresh ideas – even if you don’t think you have anything new to say.

But first, let’s put a finer point on the importance of consistent outbound content (might seem obvious, but it’s often forgotten):

ONE. Fact is that 99% of people who visit your site, read your blog or sign up for your freemium are NOT ready to buy. (Wouldn’t it...

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Coaches: The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Killer Lead Magnet (or a Better One) – and 3 Tips to Create or Improve Yours!

Today we are going to discuss the single, most, important, thing on your website. It’s your freemium, aka, your lead magnet. That value bomb you give to prospects for free in exchange for their email address.
If you don’t have one – and I’m not talking about your newsletter – or, if you have one but it’s not vacuuming up new leads every single day, this article is for YOU!!
The reason I wanted to do this article today is because so many of the coaches I know – and whom I coach on business-building and productivity – they KNOW this is important to their business, but often don’t know just HOW important it is.
And too often I hear things like, “Ya, I know I hafta get a freemium on the site, but I just haven’t gotten around to finishing it” or “Ya, I’ve got one but it’s kinda buried at the bottom of my home page,” or “Hey – I have a free newsletter,...

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A Coach’s Checklist of the 10 Keys to Focus and Growth

Totally overwhelmed and scattered in running and trying to scale your businesses?

Many of the coaches I know – and whom I coach on business-building and productivity -- feel totally overwhelmed and scattered in running and trying to scale their businesses.

I so often hear things like, “It’s hard to do all the stuff I need to be doing -- tech, branding, social media, etc.” Or, “I want to get to six figures, but I can't work fast enough to do it all! And I need to bring back balance to my life.”

It’s critical that we have a sense of how focused vs scattered we are in our business, and which keys we’re doing best and worst on, so we know where to focus more of our energies.

So, if you’re a “doing-it-all-yourself coach,” this list of 10 Keys is for YOU!!

• • •

The 10 Keys to Focus and Growth

Key #1 Have a killer lead magnet.

To be a laser-focused coach poised for growth, you’ll...

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