5 Blog Titles That Practically Write the Blog

Need a great blog post (or podcast episode or social media video) but fresh out of fresh ideas?

Here are five blog titles that will practically write the blog for you.

OK, I mean, make it WAY easier to write a blog – because the title is so “loaded” with potential juicy content. When you just read the title, your brain will call up your “greatest hits” wisdom; your lowest-hanging-fruit, if you will.

Which makes it a subject that flows more easily onto the page than, say, a topic you’ve been busting your butt on for a week trying to figure out how to make interesting.

To illustrate, let’s start with…

The ONE Thing ALL [top performers/experts/etc.] Have in Common

This headline will steer your writing brain directly toward one of your go-to, can’t-lose strategies or tips or tools. For instance, in my world of productivity, upon reading this headline, my mind goes to the morning planning ritual. Because I know that 99% of all successful, super-productive people have a consistent morning ritual.

And of course, I have one I’ve been doing for years. So I can easily bang out a blog or video on this topic.

What’s a “ONE Thing ALL [TBD] Have in Common” that comes quickly to mind in your field of coaching? Set a timer for just five minutes and see what kind of stuff you can scratch out on a notepad. I bet you’ll get some gold pretty quickly.

Here are a few more…

My 5 [your journey, challenging client pursuit, etc.] Mistakes Revealed (and How to Avoid Them ALL!)

For a health coach, it might be “My 3 Exercise Mistakes…” or “My 10 Diet Mistakes…]. This one spurs effortless writing in part because you’re sharing your own experience, and most of us coaches have shared the same journey that our clients are on.

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT [read this/get my freebie/hire me/etc.]

I love this angle. It reminds me of Abbie Hoffman’s “Steal This Book!” – which is kind of a scroll-stopper (or in Abbie’s era when they still had book stores with rows upon rows of shelves, a stroll-stopper.

But in this particular form, e.g., “Don’t Hire Me”, it’s an invitation to have some fun with the reader – and it can therefore be fun to write. For a successful coach…Reason 1: You’re actually better off living in a van down by the river!

OK, that’s a little over the top. But you get the idea.

Embarrassing, But the Start of It All was [fail or stumble before you succeeded]

This is another great opportunity to share your own experience, which conveys authenticity and shows your audience you’ve “been there.” And of course, it’s fairly easy to call up that story of failure and bang it out into a blog/video in a short writing session.

Your Ultimate Checklist for Increasing [desired outcome]

This one’s inspired by Amy Porterfield, goddess of list-building and course creation, so you know it’ll be clickbait. But it also sets up one of the easiest blog formats know to humankind: the “listicle” – list + article.

Lists are easy for our writing brains to generate. And once you generate a list of interest to your Tribe, it’s easy to expand a bit on each item in the list. This blog is in fact a “listicle.” And I wrote it in about 30 minutes.

BONUS: You can serve up a partial list in your blog/video/podcast, and then offer a freemium lead magnet of the FULL list. For instance, I did a video, repurposed as a blog, called 5 Common Mistakes Coaches Make on Their Home Pages, which also linked to my freemium, 10 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make on Their Websites. Bam!!

Here’s one more gem…

The Bad Habit 99% of [people in your target] Have and How It’s [creating negative results, holding you back, etc.]

Another fairly easy download from your brain. Just think of all the self-sabotaging bad habits we work to coach our Tribe to break. You might even end up with a “listicle” with this title!

What are your thoughts on this topic? I'd love to know. Shoot me an email at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram @alanpbrown.



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And remember: Whatever’s in your way…is yours to CRUSH!




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