Adults and students with ADHD, parents and loved ones...

Get the best strategies and tools to go Back-to-Work or Back-to-School at your full potential!


 August is a time for fun and relaxation. But also time to get ready and set ourselves up to succeed.

That’s why I created this virtual summit for ADHD adults of all ages, ADHD students, and their parents.


Let 15 top ADHD/EF gurus put you on track for success!

Join us August 18-20, 2023


Whether it’s back to work or back to school (for you or your child), join me and 15 of the world’s top ADHD gurus who’ll help you powerfully transition back into action and...

 Focus on the right priorities...

 Boost mental performance and productivity, and…

 Find your rhythm for work/life balance.

Learn Proven, Practical Solutions

from these ADHD/EF pros….

Elaine Taylor-Klaus,

School Success for “Complex” Kids -- How to Keep the Peace!

Seth Perler, 
Executive Function, ADHD & 2e Coach

Executive Function Insights

Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., MS

Crush It by Concentrating on Creation vs Consumption

Jeff Copper, 
Attention Talk Radio and Dig Coaching

ADHD Insights: The Commotion of Emotion

“Thank you! It’s amazing what you did!! Thanks for sharing these experts with others and all your help for me personally!!” 

- C.B., previous attendee

Linda Roggli,

Get It Together! How to Get Organized and Stay That Way

Tara McGillicuddy,

Supercharge Your Productivity with Coworking Sessions

Patricia Sung, Motherhood in ADHD

That Doesn't Work for Me! Creative Solutions to Get Back on Track after the Summer Chaos

Casey Dixon, 
Dixon Life Coaching

Manufacture Motivation with Micro-Changes

“Hey Alan! I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I am enjoying your ADHD Summit!! It's amazing! Thank you so much for making it free with bite-sized nuggets of information! I feel so seen and heard! So thanks for doing this!”

  - A.M., previous attendee

IngerShaye Colzie, 
ADHD Leadership Coach

Fall Forward: Embracing the Shift and Transitions with ADHD

Dana Rayburn,
ADHD Productivity Coach

Your Ticket to a Tranquil Transition

Robin Nordmeyer, 

Time Optimization Playbook:  Three Big Shifts for Better Work-Life Integration with ADHD

Lynne Edris, Productivity & ADHD Coach

From (Flip) Flop to Follow Through! Create Freedom & Fulfillment by Mastering the Art of Completion

Are you ready to CRUSH IT at work or school?


Bob Dietrich, co-founder of BrainWorx

Unlocking Your Brain: Rewiring the ADHD Brain To Improve Anxiety, Focus and More...

Bonnie Mincu,
Senior Certified ADHD Coach

TOPIC: The Real A-B-C's of Prioritizing

Rudy Rodriguez, 
PAAC Certified Professional ADHD Coach

Transitions: I Didn’t See That Coming! Derailed Again!

Alan P. Brown, ADHD/Productivity Coach

5 Mental Performance Secrets I Wish I Knew as a Struggling Student…and Executive

Meet Your Host, Alan P. Brown of ADD Crusher™

Undiagnosed until I was 37, I was a mediocre student, taking 10 years to finish a 4-year degree.

I've spent the last 25 years researching and teaching simple and easy strategies and hacks that work for our ADHD brains and helped me go from struggling student to corporate and entrepreneurial success – and helped thousands like me to crush their ADHD.

Now I'm pulling together the best of the best ADHD experts who share their own strategies and hacks so you can get prioritized, beat the overwhelm, transition easily from summer...and be ready to CRUSH IT at work or school this fall.

Don't Delay!

The Summit kicks off August 18 - grab your spot now, so you don't forget ...