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  • Video 1: How to Plan Your Day Like a Bad@ss, including the 5-minute ritual that saves you an hour a day, PLUS, the simple way to increase odds of finishing a task by 50%.
  • Video 2: How to Run Your Day Like a Bad@ss, including one simple brain hack that can double your daily productivity.
  • Video 3: How to Attack the Hateables – a weird-but-powerful hack to beat procrastination even on tasks you most dread.
  • PLUS, a bonus fourth video with a “next-level” procrastination hack.

Hi, I'm Alan

I teach coaches and other “doing-it-all-myself” solopreneurs ways to scale their business – and the productivity hacks to get it all DONE.

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- Alan P. Brown, Founder of Crusher™ Coaching and #1 Best-Selling Author of Zen and the Art of Productivity.