3 Secrets for Fast/Easy Blog, Email & Social Media Content

How to keep your outbound content pipeline full

(even if you’re crazy-busy and hate writing)


Attend Wednesday, January 27th at 9am PST or 6pm PST, or Friday, January 29th at 12pm PST.

In this FREE masterclass, I’ll show you how to stop struggling with new content generation, and get your personal brand seen by exponentially more prospects. You’ll learn…


The "Less Is More" Mindset Shift

resulting in faster/easier blog, newsletter and social media content

How to Stockpile Infinitely More Ideas

with my basic Idea Management System to capture, organize and retrieve great ideas you’re currently losing

How to 10X Your Content

using the "multiplier" social media influencers use to seemingly be everywhere, every day with great content

The Proven Advertising Principles

that show how your consistent content creation boosts your business’s bottom line

70% of Coaches are Not Creating Enough Content, Yet…

Consistent quality content is critical to your business growth:

  • Keeps your brand top of mind
  • Provides the mechanism to bring people back to your website
  • Builds your list
  • Elevates your brand perception – trust, liking and perceived value
  • Primes prospects for conversion

“For any personal brand business, there are but two pillars: product and content. That’s it. Those are the only two ingredients that make up a personal brand business.” - Gary Vee

Join me to learn how to create powerful content faster and more easily.

This Masterclass is a Must-Attend if…



  • You’re overwhelmed or don't have the time/energy/clarity to keep your marketing emails and social media pipeline full.
  • You find that writing and content creation are hard for you – especially with all of life’s daily distractions.
  • You’re pretty much all alone in your business trying to “do it all” -- and getting consistently relevant content out to your audience just isn’t getting DONE.

My Personal Invitation to You


I've been a content creator for 30 years.

First as an ad exec working with blue-chip national brands, then as cofounder of an online startup that was sold for eight figures…

And for the last eight years, as the creator of three Crusher™ businesses, generating consistent quality content across…

  • 5 Facebook pages/groups, 2 Twitter accounts, 2 YouTube channels
  • 3 weekly newsletters
  • 3 blogs
  • Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest profiles
  • A #1 best-selling book
  • Nearly 200 presentations to audiences all over the world

…with a total audience exceeding 100K.

Right now I have social media content for most of my channels scheduled out until mid-2022, and enough raw content on hand to last another few years beyond that.

But here’s the kicker:

I’ve figured how to do this despite a learning disability that makes me a VERY slow reader, and an even slower writer!

So rest assured I can help you more effortlessly create consistent value-bomb content that entertains, educates, inspires and builds your business.

Join me in my FREE masterclass for coaches

3 Secrets for Fast & Easy Email and Social Media Content

How to keep your outbound content pipeline full
(even if you’re crazy-busy and hate writing)